How AI is changing the retail landscape (1/2)

The applications and technology behind them

different AI spaces shown by graphic images
a chart showing invetment in AI startups
Source: CBInsights
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Clustering
  • Advanced logistic regression

Computer Vision

The basic algorithm used for CV application is Convolutional Neural Network. Below you will find some applications with the reference links if you want to explore them further.

Customer recognition — Veriff

Veriff provides customer recognition services to companies who want to provide personalized experiences to their shoppers based on their face match and purchase profile from previous purchases.

Cashier-less stores — AmazonGo

As you already know, Amazon is expanding its ‘Go’ network outside Seattle. They call it “just walk out” technology where computer vision application is at peak in customer recognition and product pick/put identification. Use the linked URL above to explore more.

Deepfakes in advertising — Zalando Campaign

Zalando — A fashion brand used deepfake (a computer vision stream) to recreate thousands of video Ads from just one Ad of model Cara Delevingne in Europe. The deep-faked video had perfect lip-sync and accent as per the local place where that Ad was broadcasted.

Virtual fitting rooms — VironIT

VironIT is a CV application service provider which helps in installing virtual fitting rooms for retail stores so that a customer can try multiple clothes without the hustle of trying every cloth and size. A win-win for both the retail store and the customer walking into the store

virtual fitting room picture
Source: VironIT

Visual search while online shopping — Pinterest

Pinterest gives you options to click a photo of a lamp that you liked at a friend’s place and get multiple options of where to buy from.

Pinterest image search and shop feature
Source: Pinterest

Virtual shopping — IKEA

IKEA uses VR glasses and virtual rooms to virtually try a different combination of paint, flooring, curtains, and furniture in your house/room before even buying them. This is very useful as it is really difficult to decide them early on.



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