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different AI spaces shown by graphic images
different AI spaces shown by graphic images

The application of AI is very interesting and fantasizing in the domain of healthcare, defense, and security. However, we do not see a lot of commercial applications reaching end-users. The papers are promising but very difficult to implement on the scale, also because of the regulations. However, in the Retail domain, the stakes are not that high as healthcare, hence, can be experimented with. Retail encompasses shopping malls to online purchases and from transportation to stacking of items in warehouses. …


A black hole is a massively condensed object at the center of our universe whose gravitation does not let even light escape from it

Source: NASA

This year’s Nobel prize in physics has been awarded to Sir Roger Penrose (1/2), Reinhard Genzel (1/4), and Andrea Ghez (1/4) for their research on Blackhole. Even last year it was in astronomy and cosmology. These are exciting times for astronomy since the last one before that was in 2006.

There is a common trait in astronomy and AI. The work started sometime in the 20th century and was not proved then due to the limitation of the technology. And now when the technologies are developed, we are able to provide pieces of evidence.

These elements are inherently present in any good layout design

Source: UXCam

In my last article in the design series, I talked about seven principles of design in general, whether it be a hardware product, a service, an experience, or a software UI. In this one, I am going a step further to emphasize the design principles that are essential for a good ‘visual’ design on a digital or printed platform. Let me start with the famous gestalt principle:

“the whole is other than the sum of the parts — Kurt Koffka”.

In other words, an organized whole is perceived as greater than the sum of its parts. Gestalt means form or…


Plant-based milk produced from scratch using a deep learning model

Source: NotCo

Do we need to farm cows if we can build milk from scratch now? That’s right, I said create milk without animals. Good news for vegan folks 😊

A product called NotMilk developed by NotCo, a Chilean startup backed by future positive (that backs twitter). But what is AI in here? Well, this product is a result of a deep learning model called Giuseppe that finds combinations of plant products that mimic the characteristics of animal-derived foods. NetCo has also developed plant-based mayonnaise, ice cream, and hamburgers in a similar fashion. This is not just a one-off case where the…


These elements are inherently present in any good design even unknowingly.

Most commercial products that are successful today, especially in the field of mobile and web applications, have always relied on an astounding design. From rental insurance startups like Lemonade to tech giants like Apple, the perfection of and focus on design and its interaction with the users has steered them through a great success. In this writing, I will be talking about seven fundamental principles of design as presented by Don Norman in his famous book “The Design of Everyday Things”. These principles inherently, directly, or indirectly stimulate the users and make them a loyal one. I will be taking…


This is easy if we handle it now

a vector image showing robot is scanning and trying to filter human beings through handheld lens
a vector image showing robot is scanning and trying to filter human beings through handheld lens

Other than the COVID pandemic, the one word that we have heard the most in the last couple of months is bias. We have biases embedded in our society, regions, and countries extending to bias in datasets and algorithms. We will talk about bias in AI today. Before doing some research I asked myself, what could be the result of AI bias? The maximum I could think of was the face detection software used by companies and government. But bias is not limited to that only. It has a larger span and multiple forms. …


Softwares are limited by hardware development

Image Credit: Graphcore

Most of the latest innovations are backed by software and software is ultimately backed by hardware. AI is no different. Let’s talk about how is AI hardware different from general-purpose machines. Let’s take one step back and check how the advancement in hardware can accelerate the impact of AI on the globe.

From the first impression, we think that this hardware is costly, then why are we going that way? It is like developing and investing in new ways of consuming fossil fuel which we know for sure that is going to be exhausted very soon. The simple answer is…


An analysis of is it really worth the buzz it is creating

The Hype

There always comes a better one after the best and a bigger one after the biggest. This is proved again by the OpenAI’s latest revolutionary general-purpose language model — GPT-3. Just to give a background, language models are the AI algorithms that understand the natural human language and respond accordingly. But the one which we are going to talk about does not only responds but also creates, builds, answers, and summarizes intelligently like a human (better sometimes) after getting input from the user. Is this the next level Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that people were talking about? …


The positive side of the AI revolution

Image credit: Fanatical Futurist (from Samsung AI Lab)

DeepFakes are the super realistic high-quality images and videos completely generated by Deep Learning (an AI stream) algorithms. This is the second in the two-part series of the DeepFake technology. In the first part, we learned an introduction about this tech and witnessed a sample of Obama’s deepfake to realize what can be achieved using this tech. We also found out how this technology can be used in an unintended manner to fool AI systems, launch sophisticated attacks, and bring social disturbance.

In this one, we will find out how this technology promises some really good results that will benefit…


The negative side of the AI revolution

Image Credit: Data Driven Investor

DeepFakes are the super realistic high-quality images and videos completely generated by Deep Learning (an AI stream) algorithms. This is controversial since there have been few cases where these artificially created videos or artificially copied voices have been used for unlawful purposes. You can just type ‘deepfake’ in google images and you will know how prevalent it is. Or let me first show you a sample of this technology, after which you will know what I am talking about (Let the YouTube Ad play if you are watching it on LinkedIn Mobile :P).

TikTok’s parent company Byte-dance has built…

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